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Academics are an important part of the school's core values. Quality education is provided to all the students at the school, without any discrimination on any basis. The school is home to many notable alumni, who have topped the city and the state. At The Senior Study we have a multi-disciplinary, interactive and child centric approach towards learning. The curriculum provides a broad framework which extends beyond academics and aims at the emotional, social, physical, moral and ethical development of a child. We encourage peer learning which fosters collaboration and confidence building. Our students are encouraged to explore new ideas, learn by doing,  and role playing thus making learning more real and relevant. We believe in providing a stimulating and challenging environment that support creativity and innovation. We encourage individual differences and endeavour towards creating in our children a broad and tolerant outlook.

We focus on encouraging the innate curiosity of a child by establishing a class culture that is safe and supportive. Children are encouraged to share ideas, opinions, and experiences in a non-threatening environment where nobody gets ridiculed or laughed at and diversity is appreciated. The children are encouraged to express themselves through various activities thus making them partners in the teaching learning process. Children explore and investigate, find connections and questions, and then apply their new found knowledge in various ways. Language and vocabulary is taught through the TPR method (Total Physical Response) and the reading habit is actively promoted through role play, storytelling etc.

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